One of the ways I have found to bring myself into the moment is through the appreciation of beauty, taking what I humorously call a “beauty bath” or bathing in something I perceive to be beautiful. This helps alleviate the stress of feeling worried about the future or depressed about the changes that are happening around me that I can’t control. And it brings me to a place of calmness and gratitude.


I don’t have to look far for examples of beauty. It surrounds me everywhere I look. I am fortunate to live in a rural setting where I can go outside and see the sure signs of Spring happening all around me: early flowers and trees in bloom, honey bees working the flowers, birds singing, grass greening, the sun shining. Today as I write this, it is in the mid 80’s outside and I as I took Max for his long walk this morning, I made sure I took the time to notice what was blooming and flowering: Mother Nature at her best! I returned from my walk happy and full of joy at the beauty all around me today.


I find that I use the word “beautiful” often and in many contexts. A specific piece of music by Chopin or R. Carlos Nakai is beautiful to my ears. A painting by Rembrandt, an opera by Verdi, a poem by Robert Frost, a photograph of the Grand Canyon, a bronze statue of a bucking bronco are all beautiful to me. Watching the birth of my grandson and  listening to his first cries were beautiful. All the hand-crafted objects we have around our home are beautiful. Looking into my sweet husband’s eyes is beautiful. Golden aspen trees are beautiful. The list goes on and on.


Perhaps the challenge is just to stop whatever else we are doing, bring ourselves into the moment and look for something beautiful in the here and now. We all have choices to make in each moment: What do you choose to watch on tv? Can you find a program that will add beauty to your day rather than the news? What kind of music will be beautiful to your ears? Can you take a virtual walk on the beach and listen to the ocean waves if you can’t physically get outside? Where can you find beauty in this moment now?


These are all choices we can make for ourselves in order to give ourselves a “beauty bath”. It doesn’t cost anything and the benefits are undeniable.

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