Seminars & Classes

I give one to three day seminars on the topics of “Art, Spirituality and the Creative Process”. Art is the product of the creative process and an affirmation of spirit. True creative expression is a cord that links a person directly with the Creator, who is the Source of all creativity. These seminars involve didactic as well as experiential teaching; this includes a visual presentation, lecture, discussion, and hands-on creative expression. I also give evening lectures and/or presentations on these topics.

I teach a wide variety of classes that focus on using beading as a meditative or class-photospiritual practice. These can be one day up to five days in length, depending on the venue. Beading has been used for centuries as a method for concentration and relaxation. Working in the creative process, we begin to slow down our frenzied lives, bringing our focus to each bead, each moment and each breath as we gently reconnect with our own internal rhythms. These classes help restore a person to a place of balance and harmony.

If you are interested in attending a class or seminar, please visit the Ellsworth Studios website – – for more information.

“Artists have become the spiritual vanguard of our time.” Robert Wuthnow, Ph.D