I welcome you to this exciting moment as you begin the search to find just the right officiate and ceremony that will celebrate the spiritual and emotional bonds that connect you with your beloved partner.

Both of you are unique individuals, with your own set of life experiences, coming together through marriage to form a greater whole. And, like many, you may be searching for a ceremony that comes from the heart; that is special, joyous and that expresses your real intentions, wishes and feelings.

It is the essence of your ceremony that will blossom in your hearts and form the foundation of a love so strong it can be the glue that holds you together on your journey through life.

Together we will co-create such a ceremony. Because this is your special event, your input is vitally important. We will start with an outline and fill in the details, continuing to revise until it is just as you wish it to be.

The ceremonies I perform range from a simple civil service to elaborate and more personalized celebrations that may or may not reference God or the Divine Creator. I look forward to working with you and assisting in making your wedding day one of the most special events in your life.

I also work with couples who wish to renew their wedding vows in a ceremony that in some ways might be more personal and meaningful than their original one. Renewing one’s vows helps affirm all the work it has taken to get through life together no matter how many years you have been together. What a wonderful way to celebrate your unique and loving relationship that has brought you to this joyful moment in your lives.

Same sex marriages became legal in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in 2014. I am now able to perform wedding ceremonies in both of these states that will give dignity and meaning to same sex couples wishing to make this sacred commitment to one another.

List of Wedding Fees